C.M. Joslin Post, Aux. & SAL 618


Post Officers





Commander:  Jack Clemons
1st Vice Commander: Terry Bowland
2nd Vice Commander: Ken Henderson
Adjutant: Dora Blue
Chaplain:  Tom Noble
Finance Officer: Shirley Burch
Service Officer: Tom Lafitte  
Judge Advocate: Jerry Vaughn
Historian: Kimberly Spirit
Sgt-At-Arms: Bea Gilbert
Asst. Sgt-at-Arms:
At Large Executive Board Members
John Northlich
Frank Drake
Post Service Officer
Veterans needing assistance with benefits and programs of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and other military-related matters, often turn to The American Legion for help.  For most veterans, the post in their community is "The American Legion," not the national or Department headquarters.  This means that the veterans needing help are going to look for it at the local post.  This is especially true today with the thousands of troops deploying and returning from the War on Terrorism.  If a veteran goes to a Post for help and is turned away or treated with indifference, The American Legion, not the Post, is seen as not caring about veterans, regardless of what The Legion has done or is currently doing for veterans at the state and national levels.  This is why it is so important that every Post have a Post Service Officer (PSO) truly interested in helping fellow veterans. The PSO is often the initial contact between The American Legion and the veteran.  The PSO, in most instances, is not a professional service officer, nor is he or she an 'accredited' representative of The American Legion ( the exception would be when a professional service officer, county, state, or Legion, also serves as the PSO for his or her post.)  It isn't necessary for the PSO to be an expert in veterans' law or benefits.  What is important is for the PSO to have a strong desire to assist veterans.  The purpose of the PSO is to be an initial point of contact regarding veterans issues by providing veterans in the community where the post is located with basic information and assistance, including referral as directed by the Department Service Officer.