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Montgomery County

Veteran's Memorial




Located in downtown Conroe, Texas, this memorial park is home to something very special – the Veterans Memorial Park which is being built to pay tribute and to recognize the sacrifice of the United States Veterans and their families, dependents and children of the United States Veterans who served and are not serving this country.

The Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Commission pledges its dedication, commitment, and perseverance to the construction of a new Montgomery County Veterans Memorial. The future Memorial will contain a series of galleries where veterans, the general public, educators, families, and students can gather to learn about the experiences, tragedies, and triumphs of the men and women who are serving, or have served with the United States Military. With the great capacity and capability of The People of Montgomery County, The State of Texas, and The United States of America, will will succeed in this great undertaking.


The park is located at 1 Freedom Blvd, Conroe Texas, near Texas 105 and Interstate 45.

This memorial serves as a place of solace for many while showing generations to come how important the military and its veterans are to the country.

Donations for the park can be sent in care of:

Montgomery County Veteran Memorial Commission
Conroe City Tower
300 W Phillips Ste 560
P.O. Box 1296
Conroe, TX 77305