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C.M. Joslin
Post, Auxiliary, & SAL 618
Willis, Texas

From the Desk of the Commander:

12 October 2020

To: All American Legion Post 618, Auxiliary Post 618 and Sal Post 618 members:

Subject: Bar Opening

Those in charge say that we can now open our bar provided we follow their published rules. Thus, we are now up and running from 8AM until 12 PM every day of the week. So, come on out and enjoy the fellowship and a cold brew or two.

As to the rules, here is what was published effective October 7, 2020:

  1. We are limited to 50% capacity. Thus, you will find that our bar tables are fewer than normal but enough to handle a good-sized crowd. Each table may seat UP TO SIX (6) people but no more.
  2. There is no occupancy limit outdoors.
  3. All customers are required to remain seated while enjoying their drinks.That means if you are seated at a table, you cannot finish a drink and then get up and walk to the bar to obtain another. You must allow the bar tenders to bring your drinks to your table.
  4. Bars MUST stop serving alcohol at 11PM each day.We will remain open until midnight each day for those that wish to play the games but there will be no bar service from 11PM until closing. As always, we will reserve the right to close at any time should the lack of customers so dictate.
  5. The bar stools have been placed 6 feet apart to comply with the rules.They must remain 6 feet apart at all times per the rules.
  6. You and all employees must wear a mask at all times WHEN IT IS NOT FEASIBLE TO MAINTAIN 6 FEET SEPERATION FROM ANOTHER PERSON NOT IN THE SAME HOUSEHOLD. The exception is when you are seated at the bar or at one of the tables. We will be working with our members on this issue.
  7. Members may not loiter at the bar or in common traffic areas.


We are a member friendly organization and will be working to make sure our members have a great time without a lot of pressure from the Post officers or employees. 

At some time in the very near future we will be opening the pool room so those that enjoy the game can do so again.  I will keep you posted as to when that will happen.

We have placed hand sanitation dispensers at various locations withing the bar area and we encourage you to use them as often as you deem necessary.

As to your individual responsibilities, the following rules were also published on October 7, 2020 by those in charge:

  1. You should maintain six-foot separation where ever possible between yourself and none family members.
  2. You should minimize in person contact as much as possible.
  3. You should self-screen prior to going to a bar for such things as a cough, chills, shortness of breath, muscle pain, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, or diarrhea. These are the common symptoms of Covid-19.
  4. You should use hand sanitizer as often as possible.

 With all of the above in mind we welcome you back to your Post and trust that you will enjoy seeing old friends, catching up on what has been happening and enjoying a cold brew.

Welcome Back.


Ben Hardin






By Jack Clemons, Post Adjutant


At present, we are compiling a list of the email addresses for officers and members of the Post, Unit, and SAL. This will enable the Post to communicate more effectively, and save money on the Newsletter postage. Please leave your email address with any Post representative, or the attendant in the bar area. Thanks for your help!


Shriner's Chili Cookoff 2019 was a huge success. We

were able to donate $21,000 to the

Shriner's Childrens Hospital!!




BOY SCOUTS 618 Facebook Page HERE



Our web address is now located on the North end of our building, please jot it down.  txlegionpost618.org

Our hubmaster can be reached through the Post @936-856-5224, through the web site, or email at tom2087@hotmail.com. Anything you would like on the website, please contact him.

Paperless is the wave now.  The rising costs associated with printing and mailing is getting out of hand.  For this reason, we will be sending out two newsletters, this one and one following elections in April 2019.

If you do not have internet access, notify us.  We will place you on a mailing list. We encourage everyone to get internet access.  Check our website out.  So much information available.  There, you can find future news, events, dates and times, pictures and articles.  Again, if there is something you would like included on our website, we need to hear from you.