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C.M. Joslin
Post, Auxiliary, & SAL 618
Willis, Texas

From Paul Brouse, Commander:

American Legion Post 618 is closed until April 1 by order of the powers that be. Of course,

this is subject to change.

Anyone that needs help during this time can contact us from 8:00 to 10:00 A.M. at the

post number 936-856-5224. If you need a ride or any other service we can offer, do not

hesitate to call.


Listening to several reports on the many channels, each with their own SWAG, (Scientific Wild Ass Guess), everything will be over in 2 weeks to several months.

It appears the virus may be around for some time to come. The fears of the medical community, (that we all get it at once),is that many, many would die due to limited facilities. On the other hand, if we voluntarily self quarantine as best we can, it will spread out the infection rate slowing or preventing some from getting CV19. Personally, my gut tells me all public events through August would be a reality check if anyone would show up.

The Easter programs, SAL Cookoff, Boys State, Girls State, E-board and regular meeting, birthday lunch will all suffer postponement or cancellation due to this. In addition, April is nomination for new officers month, and May is voting. How much can we postpone or cancel?

Until a vaccine is available to all, there will be a risk to everyone. Many of us are in the wrong age group for favorable results.

The news media are indicating 3-4 months, Apr-June for Montgomery County. The Post will be open for phone contact only, or e-mail for all our safety, from 8 A.M. to 10 A.M.

Cleanliness is the best DEFENSIVE move, Separation is the best OFFENSIVE move. Talking to your neighbors has never been so important, conversation from 6' away. Plenty of fresh air.

As ever, if we at the Post can be of help, do not hesitate to call.


The Shriner's Cookoff has been postponed until June 19-20
because of reaction to the coronavirus. Those
with any questions, can call the Post number above.
Sorry for any inconvenience!

By Jack Clemons, Post Adjutant


At present, we are compiling a list of the email addresses for officers and members of the Post, Unit, and SAL. This will enable the Post to communicate more effectively, and save money on the Newsletter postage. Please leave your email address with any Post representative, or the attendant in the bar area. Thanks for your help!


Shriner's Chili Cookoff 2019 was a huge success. We

were able to donate $21,000 to the

Shriner's Childrens Hospital!!




BOY SCOUTS 618 Facebook Page HERE



Our web address is now located on the North end of our building, please jot it down.  txlegionpost618.org

Our hubmaster can be reached through the Post @936-856-5224, through the web site, or email at tom2087@hotmail.com. Anything you would like on the website, please contact him.

Paperless is the wave now.  The rising costs associated with printing and mailing is getting out of hand.  For this reason, we will be sending out two newsletters, this one and one following elections in April 2019.

If you do not have internet access, notify us.  We will place you on a mailing list. We encourage everyone to get internet access.  Check our website out.  So much information available.  There, you can find future news, events, dates and times, pictures and articles.  Again, if there is something you would like included on our website, we need to hear from you.